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Growing Healthy Canadians - A Guide for Positive Child Development

Growing Healthy Canadians: A Guide for Positive Child Development, was created to promote and illustrate a simple idea: that the healthy development of children and youth is a shared responsibility. There has been much debate about who should be doing what in order to grow healthy children. The truth is, everyone has important contributions to make in ensuring that young people grow up in the kinds of conditions they require to thrive. At the same time, no one type of contributor – not families, communities, workplaces, nor governments – can successfully raise the next generation on their own. This site focuses on the times of Transition in a child's life such as the transition to the first year of life, to school, to adolescence and finally the transition to adulthood and the Contributors who play a role in a child's life such as family, school, workplace, community and government. Included on the site are information on strategies, print resources, links and references.