Special and Complex Needs

Kerry's Place Autism Services

Kerry's Place Autism Services is a leader in developing and providing evidence-based supports; and by building capacity by sharing our knowledge. As Canada’s largest service provider for children, youth and adults with ASD, we serve more than 8,000 people with ASD and their families each year. Community Services provides consultation and support to individuals, families, schools and other agencies regarding issues surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Consultation and teaching focuses on behavioural supports, communication strategies, life and social skills, long term planning and school advocacy. For more information or to complete an intake or get connected to service, 

Services will include:

  • Family and peer mentoring
  • Workshops and coaching sessions for caregivers and children
  • Brief targeted consultation
  • Transitional supports
  • Family resource and clinic days
  • Clinical services 
  • Adult supports
  • Respite and camp opportunities
  • Employment supports/programs for adults with autism
Street Address 77 Broadway
City Orangeville
Postal Code L9W 1K1
Toll Free 1-833-77-KERRY (1-833-775-3779)
Email intake@kerrysplace.org
Website https://www.kerrysplace.org/