Kids First Parent Association of Canada

We are a registered society and a national charity with these objectives: to promote the optimal care and well being of children; and to encourage and develop a recognition of the importance of child care being provided within the home by a parent. We are a communications network of people working to better the lives of children and their families. Through our efforts we endeavour to raise the social status and support for the time devoted to caregiving and the anchor it provides to a healthy society. We stand for child care choice with funding equity. We know that every mother is a working mother. We stand for the right & responsibility of parents to determine their children's care without discrimination. We know government has a complimentary responsibility to support and not to replace families in child-rearing. The responsibility of the state is to defend families and children from harm by other sectors. We stand for the right to informed consent in decision making: information relating to children's care and development, work, and family must not mislead the public or politicians, especially when provided through tax-funded agencies. We focus on examining legal, financial, social and political obstacles that deny parents reliable information and equality in their choices regarding the child-rearing style they believe is best for their family, be it care by a neighbour, friend, relative, babysitter, parent in a home-based office, tag-team parents, parent at home full-time, family day home, daycare or other.